The partial lunar eclipse  seemed to inspire all the crazies to crawl out into society this week.  I saw them on the streets as I rode my bike to school, in the school itself, hanging around my daughter’s pre-school (called a “kindergarten” here in Germany) , and even in my own home. Dear Lord.

They cut me off in their BMWs, even though I had the right of way. They chastised me for asking about schedules (what a nuisance to have to answer!) and challenged me in my description of language levels; apparently, neither being a native speaker of English nor having a Master’s degree qualifies me to assess them. They grunted out hurried greetings and refused to make small talk (what a nuisance to have to chat about the weather!) They complained about lack of food in the house and about the food that was actually cooked.

Days like today drain me and test my (fragile?) psyche.  After all, there is no shortness of crazy in MY mind. I am powered by anxiety quite often, only to be run down by depression. What sets me apart is that I KNOW it. Right? Right…

What I struggle with is how to maintain perspective, especially when things seem out out of whack.  How much is due to me, and how much is due to them? Where does their craziness start and mine end? Are they crazy for cutting me off or am I for letting it annoy me so much? Are they weird for snapping at me when I ask a question or am I for asking it in the first place?

So are the thoughts of an anxious person like me.


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